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Karnataka is today a key player on the domestic and world stage.

Politics, Industry, Cinema or Startups.
You name it and Bengaluru and Karnataka are right up there.

So for good reason, so many have made Bengaluru their home.
More continue to do so.

At the same time, there’s also renewed interest about Karnataka amongst non Kannada speaking Kannadigas abroad.

News on the go from Karnataka and Bengaluru matter to both these segments.

News First Prime is meant for this discerning group.
Avid local news seekers and sporadic news flippers can look up to News First Prime.

News First PRIME is backed by News1st Kannada – Karnataka’s Fastest Growing Satellite News Channel.
News1st is amongst the leaders in the Kannada Digital news space too.

Riding on the standards set by the flagship brand, News First PRIME :

1. Seeks to deliver reliable source based news of the highest quality. Quickly.
2. Deploy latest graphics for easy consumption of news on the fly.
3. Employ international production standards
4. Engage experienced and neutral newsmen
5. Cover news from politics, business, cinema etc that matters.

News First PRIME.
Because when a city and state show national and international character, its news delivery should keep pace.

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